Jackie said
"I enjoyed my recent visit to Bella Baby, they were very patient and accommodating when my baby refused to cooperate for the ultrasound."
Megan said,
"My husband and I loved that we could have such a wonderful experience and see our little one.  The tech was so sweet and really took her time so we could get the best results, definitely will be doing it again!!!"

Mrs B
"My husband and I brought our 17mo daughter with us to find out the gender. They had kid chairs, toys, and blocks to entertain her the whole time. The room was large, lots of comfortable seating, and a nice bed for me. The sonographer was very friendly and efficient, and texted us our pictures to keep. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for extra services !!"
Amanda T-
"I had a great experience at Bella Baby. We got there about ten minutes early and the sonographer was ready and waiting for us, so we finished early. We were impressed by the nice, comfy room that didn't make me feel like I was in a doc's office. Very peaceful. The sonographer was very sweet and you can tell she loves her job and loves babies. I highly recommend!"
She took us back right away, and got started right away. It was so amazing to see our lil boy after so long...last ultrasound was 20 wks at drs office, and we were 29 wks this visit. He was being Alittle stubborn, but she was patient and very attentive to him and us. We got to see him sucking his thumb and even stick his tongue out! It was very cool and such a relaxing atmosphere. We would highly recommend them to anyone for 4d. :) 

I have used Bella Baby 4D for both of my pregnancies so far and have had excellent experiences both times! It's always nice to see the sweet little baby in there!
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