** Repeat Scan Policy

gender sonograms are only repeated if we cannot determine gender of your baby

4d sonograms ( full sessions only) are only eligible for a one-time 10 minute  repeat session, ONLY  if we cannot get a picture of your baby's face and you are greater than 26 weeks along at the time of your 4d
Repeat scan must be within 2 weeks from original appointment date

Repeat Scans are ONLY available Mon-Fri ; NO WEEKEND appointments for rescans

Gender 2d - $85
(reg. $99)

  • Black and White Ultrasound
  • Gender Determination
  • BONUS--Peek of your baby in 4d!!!
  • Eligible for return client specials
  • Save $20-35 on future visits

*free rescan within one week if we cannot tell gender​
Please see the package descriptions below or call to determine the BEST service for you. We want to exceed every one of your expectations, which begins by understanding your assessing your needs and situation. Should you have any concerns or questions please call to verify your package selection, and we will be happy to assist you!
*Gender rechecks are available within one week of your appointment for no charge if we are not 100% sure of the gender & you are at least 15 weeks at your first session. Gender may not be certain before 16 weeks. Follow the prep instructions under the paperwork tab for the best outcome.
With all our full 4d session, if we cannot get a face picture, you will get a complementary 10 minute rescan session to try to get that cute little baby's face! Best face pictures between 28-32 weeks. We can't guarantee them before then. Remember, WATER, WATER, WATER! Hydration=great 4d pictures!
**** 64-72 Ounces of WATER everyday for at least 3-5 days before your 4d for great hydration
​                                   Gold Package - $99 (reg. $139)
  - 10-15 minute ultrasound session
  - Gender Determination, if desired
  - JPEGs of all images of your session,bring a USB Thumb Drive
  - Eligible for Return Client Specials
        Save $20-35 on future visits 
        Add a Heartbeat Buddy for $49

                                   ADD a DVD for only $20!


Platinum Package - $175 (reg. $229)
  -  20-30 minute ultrasound session
  -  Gender Determination if desired
  -  JPEGs of all images of your session, 
  -  DVD recording of entire session 
  -  Eligible for Return Client Specials
        Save $20-35 on future visits 

Gender Determination
Available  starting at 14 weeks

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  Kingwood TX
4d Ultrasound Packages
Bella Baby 4d of Houston services pregnant women that are under the care of an OBGYN or Midwive. If you are not under the care of a physician, we cannot scan you. We are proud to serve the areas of Kingwood, Atascocita, Humble, Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress, Tomball, Houston, Bellaire, Sugar Land, Pearland, Crosby, Liberty, Livingston, Cleveland, Conroe, Shenandoah, North Houston, Cinco Ranch, Katy, Huntsville, College Station and all areas surrounding Houston
​Bella Baby 4d provides elective 3d and 4d ultrasounds and gender determination scans. We also provide mobile 3d/4d ultrasound services in the Houston area for gender reveal parties and baby showers. Please click the link above for more details on the mobile services. 
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As Seen in the 
    Return Client Specials
ONLY within the same pregnancy as 1st scan

#1 - $99
- 10-15 minute 4d ultrasound session
  - Gender Determination if desired
  - JPEGs of all images of your session
  - INCLUDES! DVD recording of entire session
#2 - $159
- 20-30 minute 4d ultrasound session
  - Gender Determination if desired
  - JPEGs of all images of your session
Schedule your Appointment
Schedule your Appointment

#3 - $79 Third Trimester Peek!
(34 Weeks - 40 weeks ONLY)
10-15 minute 4d ultrasound session
Great time to see super-pudgy face, but may not get a FULL face 
  - JPEGs of all images of your session
  - INCLUDES! DVD recording of entire session
REMEMBER- drink 64-72 ounces of water everyday for at least 3-5 days before your appointment! We need that fluid in front of the baby's face
  - No rescan with this package. This is just to see another peek and see those features really fat and pudgy