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Fairfax VA 22030

** Repeat Scan Policy for our gender scans and 4d ultrasound in Fairfax VA office

gender sonograms are only repeated if we cannot determine gender of your baby

4d sonograms ( full sessions only) are only eligible for a one-time 10-15 minute  repeat session,  if we cannot get a picture of your baby's face at your first 4d sonogram appointment in our Fairfax office
Repeat 4d scan must be within 2 weeks from original appointment date

 $10 military discount only valid on full 4d sonogram session (15, 20, and 30 min) and not valid on any specials or with any other discounts

consult your physician with any questions

Bella Baby 4d ultrasound serves our mommies in the Northern Va area , including Fairfax, Centreville, Chantilly, South Riding, Alexandria, Arlington, Springfield, Lorton, Ft Belvoir, Manassas, Gainesville, Haymarket, Quantico, Woodbridge, Fredericksburg
Our Westerly mommies in Winchester, Shenandoah, Harrisonburg, Charlottesville
Our Northern friends in DC, and Maryland- including Bethesda, Andrews AFB, Rockville and beyond!

Please see the 4d ultrasound and gender scan  package descriptions or call to determine the BEST service for you. We want to exceed every one of your expectations, which begins by understanding your assessing your needs and situation. Should you have any concerns or questions please call to verify your package selection, and we will be happy to assist you!
Is daddy deployed and can't be here?     Are Grandma and Grandpa out-of-state?
We allow FaceTime to be used for no additional charge for those with out of town grandparents and daddies that are deployed or out of state due to work. 

Call or Email to book your appointment for your 4d ultrasound today
​Seeing your baby's face for the first time is simply heart melting!! But sometimes, the baby just isn't in the right position to see that cute face or find out the gender. Remember, if we cannot tell the gender or cannot get your little one to cooperate for those face pictures at the 4d , you always get a FREE RESCAN*
Early 4d at 16-23 weeks
28-32 weeks best face pictures
off regular 4d packages only
cannot be combined with any coupons or specials

Gender 2d --  $99

- all 2d images from the session
- gender determination
- black/white printout
- eligible for Return Client Special!
Gender / 4d Bonus Peek --  $120

- all 2d and 4d images
- gender determination
DVD of Entire Session
- black/white & color printout
- eligible for Return Client Special!
Gender Guarantee: If we cannot tell the Gender ( and you are at least 16 weeks) we will rescan you for free within one week. 
ONLY AVAILABLE 16-23 weeks
Bronze 4d Session --  $139
- 15 min 4d session
- all images from the session
- color printout
- verify gender if desired

Gold 4d Session--  $165
- 20 min 4d session
- all images from the session
- color printouts
- DVD of entire session
- verify gender if desired

Platinum Package  --  $229
- 30 min 4d session
- all images from the session
- color printouts
- DVD of entire session
- INCLUDES Heartbeat Buddy
- verify gender if desired
Gender Scans
4d Ultrasound
Best Face Pictures are between 28-32 weeks
If baby isn't cooperating and we can't get a picture of baby's face, we rescan for Free**
Returning Mommies
Return Client Special --  $99
- 10 minute 4d session
- all images from your session
- DVD of Entire Session
- color printout

For only $65 more upgrade
30 minute Return Client Special
- 30 minute 4d session
- all images from your session
- DVD of entire session
- color printouts

These discounted packages are for our Mommies that have visited us during their pregnancy already
Book your appointment online anytime - 24/7
Daytime, evening 
and Saturdays hours available